Breastfeeding Your Sleepy Newborn Baby

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Breastfeeding Your Sleepy Newborn Baby

It is very difficult to feed a sleepy baby. While feeding he or she will not stay awake for long enough and he will not get up at all. This condition is especially very frustrating for the parents. But if the child is gaining normal weight by taking their feedings during sleep then there is nothing to worry and usually it is a normal process.

As new borne baby are prone to sleep for very long hours so usually their mothers are asked to feed their baby at every two hours. If the mothers are not enough conscious to feed their baby during sleep for long hours then their baby may become weak.

There are several reasons for baby being so sleepy.

1. When the delivery and the labor is difficult and long and mother receives the medication to relieve the pain.

2. If the baby is suffering from jaundice, infection or circumcision. Usually jaundice is very common in each and every infants and it is one of the main reason why the baby feels so sleepy even the level of bilirubin is normal.

3. Baby may tend to sleep due to the intake of too much of milk which can also be overwhelming for the baby. Baby may also become weak when the milk intake is inadequate due to this reason the sugar levels becomes low.

Some tips are there which will encourage the sleepy baby to feed.

1. It is very difficult for every mother to wake up a baby from their deep sleep, so every mother should try to feed their baby in light sleep cycle. You can successfully feed your baby if you catch him or her in a light sleep cycle. Light sleep cycle is the condition of the new born baby in which they make rapid eye movement or great changes in their facial expression and also there is a movement in the body of the baby.

2. You can also undress the baby and loose down their diaper also as it will make him more wakeful. Babies are sleepier who sleeps in fetal position.

3. Usually new born are very sensitive to light. They close their eyes in presence of bright lights and they go to sleep. So keep your baby in dim light if you want to keep your baby awake to feed. But in night you can keep bright lights if you want your baby to sleep through the night.

4. Always try to talk with your baby while feeding

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