Understanding Newborn Baby Conditions

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Understanding Newborn Baby Conditions

While you might have several things figured out about your newborn baby, there are a few issues that may leave you stumped. The following is a list of four infant conditions which often leave parents puzzled, perplexed or just plain devastated. Read on to learn about the serious and non-serious conditions that may afflict your newborn baby.


Almost all healthy new born infants have jaundice. This common condition is caused by excessive bilirubin produced by the body. Since the newborn baby is still developing, the liver takes some time before it can break bile down and help to expel it from the body. This process normally takes one to two weeks. However, high levels of bilirubin can cause serious complications in the body, such as deafness or brain damage, or may indicate an underlying condition.


SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. As indicated by its name, the death of a newborn baby can occur unexpectedly, and remains a mystery even after detailed autopsy of the corpse. In all examined cases of SIDS there was no reason for doctors or parents to anticipate a sudden turnaround for the worse. There are several risk factors which scientists have identified but the exact reasons behind the sudden passing away of the infant are still not clear. SIDS usually occurs when the infant is asleep, and is alternatively referred to as “crib death”. It has been hypothesized that babies sleeping on their stomachs are exposed to noxious gases from the mattress and succumb to the toxic effects. These gases are not potent enough to harm adults, and only affect very young children. Other experts concur on the view that a seemingly normal child may have several complications that are not evident until his/her death. More research is needed in this area since autopsies conducted on SIDS victims have returned inconclusive results.

Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is a mild condition that occurs frequently in babies who are about six months of age.  Cradle cap presents itself as a rash on the scalp of a newborn baby and can be referred to as “baby dandruff”. It is not itchy and neither is it a cause of immediate concern. To cure the condition, mineral oil can be applied on the scalp of the infant and washed off after 15 minutes. However, prolonged use of mineral oil is not recommended since cradle cap is primarily thought to occur because of overactive oil glands. If symptoms persist a doctor may have to intervene and prescribe some medication.

Excessive Crying

A newborn baby cries for an average of six hours daily. This is expected since crying is the only mode of communication and is used to convey hunger, boredom, a calling for attention or a number of other things. However, when an infant cries for extended periods of time and for no apparent reason it is usually as a result of colic. Although this condition disappears as suddenly as it appears, it can be extremely frustrating for the parents and might even become the precursor for post-partum depression in the new mother.

Premature babies are particularly prone to the conditions espoused above. To give them a better chance of survival Kangaroo Mother Care, where increased skin-to-skin contact soothes and comforts the little one, is recommended.

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Author: Tony and Nyrie Roos


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