Little Botanics

About Little Botanics

Motherhood is a pivotal point in every woman’s life.

Your body change, your mind change, and your priorities are from now on, somehow, different!


The Little Botanics story started with our own little one. When she finally arrived, we loved that little human being so much that we wanted to give her the absolute best care we could possibly find.

As a health-conscious mother, I kept thinking about all the chemicals she could potentially absorb from the majority of the baby skincare brands available on the market. It was when I developed a natural skin balm for her.

As mothers, we need to be aware that the baby’s skin is 2.5 times thinner than an adult. Therefore, making it more likely to absorb the nasty chemicals from ordinary skincare products.

I’m blessed to be in New Zealand where we have a beautiful and powerful range of botanicals that can only be found here.

After months of research, I’ve discovered the most amazing natural ingredients that Mother Nature have made available to us.

With them, I’ve created a unique blend of certified organic herbs, oils and butter from New Zealand and other native habitats across the world.

With Little Botanics, our challenge was to develop a perfect blend of natural ingredients that would deliver maximum potency balms.

We have come a long way and we have developed a line of products to support your baby’s delicate skin in the most gentle and natural possible way.

We believe in the power of nature, in the love connection between mother and baby, of children exploring outdoors, discovering the little animals, feeling the wind on their faces, laughing, chasing each other, jumping in a muddy puddle, feeling the cold water streaming in a creek.

We believe that baby skincare can be pure and gentle as nature originally is.

Adriana Branco
– Little Botanics Founder

Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation, Herbal and Crystal lover and forever student of natural health and wellbeing practices.