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Chicco's 0month+ slow flow silicone teat is part of the Natural Feeling range, designed by Chicco to simulate breastfeeding. Made of soft and flexible silicone material, the Natural Feeling teat 0month+ helps facilitate the alternation between breast and bottle. The particular shape of the Chicco 0month+ Natural Feeling teat that allows it to stay full of milk and the combination with the double valve, avoids the ingestion of air, helping to prevent colic.

Chicco's Natural Feeling 2month+ Medium Flow teat is designed by Chicco to simulate a mothers breast. This silicone teat allows the baby to have grip without getting tired. Thanks to the double anti-colic valve, the Chicco Natural Feeling 2month+ teat helps prevents the ingestion of air due to colic. The Natural Feeling Medium Flow teat is ideal for babies over 2 months who need a greater flow of milk than younger babies.