Natural Sensations Nappy Cream

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Chicco Body Natural Sensation Nappy Cream - 100ml

Chicco Nappy Cream 4 in 1 Natural Sensation With 10% Zinc Oxide, Shea Butter, Panthenol, vitamin E.

The nappy cream by Chicco:

  • Prevents redness and irritation
  • Protects skin by creating a shield while allowing the skin to breathe
  • Soothes from the first use on the diaper changing area
  • Regenerates the skin
  • Βaby's skin needs protection in order to develop normally without altering the normal balance. The composition of Natural Sensation series mimics the synthesis and actions of Vernix Caseosa.

Protects: acts as a shield on baby skin

  • Hydrates thanks to the presence of water and moisturizing ingredients
  • Antioxidant due to the presence of Vitamin E.
  • Efficient - Easy to use - Gentle on the skin.